Saturday, September 26, 2009

Intersection of Art and Technology: Cleveland's Bridge Project, 36 Views of a Bridge

Cleveland's Detroit Superior Bridge is the centerpiece of a festival that involves, art, music, technology, and an opportunity for participatory design.   

The Bridge Project:   "Magical things will be there."

Graduate design students from Cleveland Urban Design College will be participating in a community design charrette, part of the Bridge Project/IngenuityFest scheduled on September 25th and 26th (2009). The Detroit Superior Bridge (Veterans Memorial Bridge) has a bottom level that was previously used for streetcars, but was closed for use in 1954. This level of the bridge is the space where the event will be held.

The student's designs are posted on the web and provide the chance for people to rate them by voting.

Here are a few that I liked:

Cleveland at a Glance, by Allexander Koch. 

 "What would Cleveland look like if you could see the major elements of the city all at once?"

"Infopoints", by Lilly Russell.

A comment left on the web regarding the design:  "I like this idea but want to see it combined with something else.... a little more virtual or live if you will vs just signs."

My favorite of all of the events listed on the website? 36 Views of a Bridge.

36 Views of a Bridge is an interactive film that uses time-lapse photography to explore the converging worlds surrounding the Veterans Memorial Bridge. Participants can interact with a state-of-the-art multi-touch user interface to vote on which scenes from the film will play next. Alexander Boxerbaum and Andrew D. Horchler worked on the project, and the multi-touch interface was created by Christopher Yanc, a member of the NUI Group Community.

36 View of a Bridge Interactive Video Playlist from Chris Yanc on Vimeo.

Cris Yanc's description of the project:

"People will be able to use a multi-touch table which is syncronized with the playing HD projected videos to change the playing order of the videos. The table will also display additional information about the videos. Plus there may just be some special fun extras on the table to play with.
This project on my part will be an interesting study of how multiple people will interact with in on-demand environment.

  • Will people stack the voting to circumvent which video is to be played next?
  • Will people feel the need to organize all of the videos?
  • Will they disregard the voting all together and just watch the videos as they play?
  • What is fair and unfair in this type of environment?
  • What may happen that we've never even considered happening?"
This is another example of how technology and the real-world converge.

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