Sunday, October 13, 2013

LINKFEST: Interactive Multimedia Technology, May through October 2013

Here are links to my Interactive Multimedia Technology posts from May 5th to October 13, 2013:

Leap Motion Update:  Slow-going progress for me, at least for now!

Jay Leno's Interactive Pumpcast News: Will and Monifa Sims' 15 minutes of Karaoke Fame

Astronaut Chris Hadfield's Awesome Music Video from Space - in case you missed it!

Xbox One and Kinect 2 for the Playground of the Future

Summer of Fun and Game Development with Unity

Leap Motion and Google Earth Experiment:  Cute Doggie Photo-globe Mashup

Interactive Displays and "Billboards" in Public Spaces; Pervasive Displays 2013

Stanford's "Coding Together: Developing Apps for iPhone and iPad" Cours Video Presentations on iTunesU

Drawing with Sounds, and Interactive Musical Drawing App Created with Processing

Monkeying Around with Autism Assessments:  Kinect-based game by Vectorform and Kaiser Permanente therapists offers a barrel of possibilities!

The Life and Contributions of Seymour Papert: Inspiring video of a tribute panel, Interaction Design and Children Conference

Tablets at Work:  AT&T video clips, other examples, in case you were wondering

Kinect Interaction to support people with disabilities:  DoubleFine's Happy Action Theater/Kinect Party; OAK Air Switch and Face Switch, resources

Let's Get Visual:  Visual Communication with Smartphones, Getty's Open Content, Art Everywhere and Visual Perception Research

Allison Druin and the HCIL Team Win Emmy for Nick App:  Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media - User Experience and Visual Design

Eye Tribe Eye Tracker Dev Kit, $99; Open Source ITU Gaze Tracker Grows Up!

Narcolepsy Awareness Infographic, FDA's Public Meeting

Librarians as Data Scientists:  Data Science for All

ACO VIRTUAL:  Interactive virtual chamber orchestra, with 3D musicians

Learning to Teach through Mixed Reality:  UCF's TeachLivE

VISUAL LEARNING:  Emotion-Expression-Explanation Call for Papers

LUMO, by PO-Motion:  Projection system for children that transforms kid's designs into interactive creations (Kickstarter)

Multitouch and Gesture Update:  NUITEQ's Snowflake ABC Suite of Entertaining Educational Apps

Friday, May 3, 2013

Linkfest (for your tech-reading pleasure)

Here's an update of links to posts from my Interactive Multimedia Technology blog.  Similar content can be found on my Pinterest boards.

OpenPilot: A Next-Gen Open Source Autopilot Approach to Aerial Videography

XBox Kinect in the OR: Kinect supports gesture interaction with 3D imaging of the patient, while operating.

Telemedicine in Schools:  Promoting Health (and Mental Health)

InteractiveTV Today (ITVT): Links to information and updates about CES 2013, via Tracy Swedlow.

Gesture Markup Language (GML) for Natural User Interaction and Interfaces

CCRMA Summer Workshops: Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics

Disney Research: Touche, Touch and Gesture Sensing

AirHarp for Leap Motion, a Responsive Musical Natural User Interface

Tips for Apps and the Web:  Designing for Teens, Part I

Part II:  Websites and Apps for Teens and Education

Designing for Touch & Gesture:  Tips for Apps and the Web (Updated)

Affinity+: Semi-Structured Brainstorming on Large Displays, from Pacific Northwest National Library

Call for Papers:  Human-Computer Interaction and Learning Science

Update:  What's New for Kinect?  Fusion, real-time 3D digitizing, design considerations, and more.

Interactive MaKey MaKey:  "An Invention Kit for Everyone" - Video Preview

Google Glass and Kids- BYOGG?  Quick links to MIT Tech Review Post - and more

Leap Motion:  My Dev Kit Arrived - Now What?  Thoughts About "NUI" Child-Computer Tech Interaction

Google Earth and Leap Motion

Quick Post/Videos:  Evolving Soft Robots (Cornell's Creative Machines Lab); Leap Motion + Google Earth Experiment (PO-MO)

Little Digits Counting and Early Math App, by Cowly Owl- Chris O'Shea

Interesting Videos I Almost Missed (Future/Emerging/Creative Tech)

The Uncanny Valley is Here!  Activision's real-time character demo is chilling real.

What happens when a 2-year-old wakes up to the sound of the Google Map Lady? "I CAN'T turn left right now!"

Pixel Press:   Draw, create, play and share games, without code, now on Kickstarter.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Linkfest!

Here is a long list of links to posts from the Interactive Multimedia Technology blog. Many of the posts include video clips, photos, and links to resources, including articles, scholarly publications, presentations, and in some cases, interesting open-source code.


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  • Crafting Gorgeous User Interfaces: Rich Robinson, ...
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  • Sharing the Holiday Meme(s) - Christmas House Ligh...
  • RP-VITA, Dr. Roboto - Remote Control Telepresence...
  • Augmented Human Conference '13 (ACM CHI) March 7th...
  • Musings about still-popular Interactive Multimedia...
  • EpiCollect: A mobile app, useful for photo + data-...
  • Quick Link: Comparison of Interactive Whiteboards...
  • LINK: Mobile's Role in a Consumer's Media Day: Sma...
  • Thinking in the 21st Century: Videos...
  • First-Person User Interface; Mobile to the Future;...
  • Interactive TV Design Discussion - David Herigstad...
  • Usability of Windows 8: Food for thought from Jako...
  • Surface Tablet vs. iPad Video, via SAY Media
  • Human Computer Interaction + Informal Science Educ...
  • Knight Digital Media Center: Election shows data i...
  • Video: Overview of Multimedia Learning Principles,...
  • Revisiting the Multi-touch Parody of CNN's Magic M...
  • Jeff Han Discusses Windows 8 for Large Displays, M...
  • Interactive Display at the Local Hyundai Dealershi...
  • CFP for Special Issue of Personal and Ubiquitous C...
  • Stantum Update: Innovative Tablet and Mobile Tech...
  • iPad3 and iPad Mini: Hands-on Side-by Side Compar...
  • Got Interactive (Multimedia) Textbooks Inside Your...
  • From a Post-WIMP Perspective: What Happens When Po...
  • More Tablets, More Mobile, More Social. On The Me...
  • Tablet and Mobile Day (or Era): Lots of upcoming n...
  • Link to "Who Works with Creative Coders", by Tim S...
  • Lenovo's Touchy-Twisty Tablet-Laptops (Video)
  • Bill Moggridge left our world in September, but hi...
  • Smartphone Use Infographic, via Pew Internet and A...
  • Interactive Video: Google Doodle Star Trek Clip -...
  • A Few Awesome RSA Animate Videos
  • SAP's new Mobility Design Center: Services Describ...
  • Digital Disruption Video (Deloitte): Nice use of a...
  • Thinking about a Kurio 7 Tablet for your kid? Her...
  • Grandson and iPad: "I did it!"
  • Mobile Design Best Practices: Joshua Mauldin's UX ...
  • Tech and Stuff shared by my FB friends.
  • Sound IS Important: Sonification, sound synthesis,...
  • LONGBOARDING FREERIDE, an HD Extreme Sports video....
  • Blast from the 2009 past: News, Videos, and Links ...
  • Men's Interest Section at Barnes and Noble: Girls ...
  • Musings about NUI, Perceptive Pixel and Microsoft,...
  • TechCrunch Charlotte Highlights, Part Two- NexTabl...
  • Your Palm as Remote Controller (Video and Links)
  • Does Scanning This QR Code Make Me Look Silly? Int...
  • Updated: SEPTRIS, A Game to Teach about Sepsis, pl...
  • 60-Minutes Segment about iPads and Autism; James W...
  • Catching up on music technology: Tornado Twins' "...
  • Cute NAO robot performs "Evolution of Dance" and i...
  • Update: Video of My PlayHome App and 19-Month-Old ...
  • Friday, July 13, 2012

    29 links to recent Interactive Multimedia Technology posts, for techies and the tech-curious

    Update:  Video of My PlayHome App and 19-Month-Old Toddler

    Quick Post:  Design for Emotion, co-authored by Trevor van Gorp and Edie Adams

    CFP for Special Issue of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing on Educational Interfaces, Software, and Technology (EIST)

    CFP:  Seventh International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction, Feb 10-13, Barcelona, Spain

    TechCrunch Charlotte Highlights:  T1 Vision, inTouch Collaborative Software

    PO-MO, a creative group that combines digital art, interaction, movement, and play to create engaging surfaces and spaces

    Digitized History and Interactive Timelines:  Lots of examples and links for your exploring pleasure!

    Quirky, Fun Webisode from Dot Diva (a website that encourages young women to pursue careers in technology)

    Checking out Recline js, an open-source, browser-based HTML and JavaScript library for data:  "Relax with your data".

    Good news for knowledge junkies!  Data Journalism Handbook:  How journalists can use data to improve the news, available online.

    Infographic about CISPA, contrasted with SOPA, by Lumin Consulting. Food for thought for those who might be mistakenly viewed as a "cyber threat".

    iMac Touch Concept Video -in case you missed it.

    Quick link:  Nextgov, "the all-day information resource for federal technology decision makers".

    ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems:  May 5-10, Austin, Texas

    Interactive Technology from CHI 2012 Supporting Literacy, Storytelling, and Narrative

    Looking forward to CHI 2012:  Child Computer Interaction, Educational Interfaces, Health, Special Needs, and Much More! (Includes several preview videos.)

    NUITEQ's Latest Multitouch Showreel:  Snowflake Suite

    Games for Health Conference:  June 12-14, Hyatt Harborside Hotel, Boston, MA

    Johnny Chung Lee's Recent Words of Wisdom & Google's Open-Source Ceres Non-Linear Least Squares Solver

    Vignettes exploring the dual capacities of software and medicine to heal and hurt. Food for thought, by Jonathan Harris

    Interactive Music Challenge:  The Reactable & the Reactable for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

    FYI: TEDEd  Education Beta Website and YouTube Channel

    FYI: Google's Knowledge Graph

    Urban Musical Game:  Play with musical-sensor sports balls and friends (Real-Time Musical Interactions Team at IRCAM)

    Quick CHI 2012 Slideshow

    A fun HTML interactive music video:  Evelyn, performed by Abby, Coded by Bleech

    Leap Motion:  Low Cost Gesture Control for Your Computer Display

    First Moment of Truth in digital signage environments:  Bill Gerba's Words of Wisdom

    PhD. Student Positions:  Intel Collaborative Research Institute on Sustainable Connected Cities

    More about the Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Sustainable Cities

    Sunday, April 22, 2012

    Update: Newer links from the IMT blog

    Below are links to my posts on the Interactive Multimedia Technology blog that were written since my last update on this blog:
    Children's Drawings Projected on Buckingham Palace and BBC's Big Screens in the UK
    Septris: A game to teach about Sepsis
    Multimedia:  Health Awareness and Rap Video about Sepsi
    Large touch-screen display in a hotel lobby at Tides Hotel at Folly Beach
    Quick Post:  Media Facades and Luminous Tweets (Video featuring Thomas Schielke)
    Digital Media and Learning: Video presentation by high schoolers, video of John Seely Brown's keynote at DML 2012
    Future of Gaming Report SlideShare, from PSFK
    IXDA Interaction Awards Winners. 2012:  LoopLoop, an interactive music toy by Stimulant/Sifteo, was best in show!
    Workshop on Digital Ecosystems for Collaborative Learning: Embedding Personal and Collaborative Devices to Support Classrooms of the Future
    Sonic Wire Sculptor and Rhonda, a 3D drawing tool
    Numby:  App for learning how to count, via Creative Applications Network
    Jennifer Pahlka's TED talk:  "Coding a Better Government" - how Code for America fellows and others are harnessing social media, mobile apps, and the web.
    Seamless Collaborative Computing Between Tables and Tablets: nSquared Presenter (Video)
    Creating Responsive HTML5 Touch Interfaces (Stephen Woods - Video and Slides)
    Link to article about HTML5, web "apps", and the future, from a Yahoo perspective
    Link to talks about technology, games, and learning from the Future of Learning Conference
    Keepin' It Real: Organic, Natural, or Reality Based Interactions?  Video of TEI '12 panel discussion:  Bill Buxton, Rob Jacob, Mili John Tharakan, and Roel Vertegaal (and more from TEI '12)
    Makego: Turn your iPhone into a vehicle, by creative digital artist Chris O'Shea

    Sunday, February 5, 2012


    Here is a link list to a range of posts from the Interactive Multimedia Technology blog:
    Jason Silva's multimedia review of ABUNDANCE.  Exponential Technological Progress. Less than two minutes.
    Interactive Technology:  Take a look at Corning's "Day Made of Glass 2: Unpacked" Video!
    Razorfish Gesture and Touch Platform for the "Retail Experience"
    Flight of the Fireflies, an Interactive Musical Poem/Game for the iPad, by Woolly Robot (video trailer)
    Google in Education, Updated
    iBooks Textbooks for iPads, iTunesU App- and links to info about 1:1 iPad initiatives in public schools
    Quick Post: Link to a UX Gold Mine-Official Usability, User Experience, and User Interface Guidelines from Companies
    GeekDad's Post: The Changing Nature of App Design for Kids
    How to use game dynamics in the classroom, with good links, via Edudemic (Jeff Dunn)
    Immersive Learning for Math using DimensionU Games- new "Play, Learn and Earn" with an allowance component.
    Off-topic:  "Communication technology for human-dog interaction" and "The secret life of my dog: design and evaluation of a paw tracker concept"....and my dog.
    You Know You've Secretly Wanted to Learn to Code! (Info, links, video)
    3D Plug-in for SMARTBoard Notebook (Video)
    "Kinect-based Telepresence with Room Sized 3D Capture and Life Sized Display, Includes Behind-the-Scene "how-to" (UNC Chapel Hill)
    Near-Field Communication in Education? Arts? Wayfinding?
    iPads for every student in an elementary school in NC, Smartboards in the classrooms, and one awesome principal
    Christian Bannister's Interactive Multi-touch  and Gesture-based Bubcycle Project. Use your hands to shape sound, create, and manipulate music. Wow!!
    UPDATE:  EIST Call for Papers/Presentations
    Kinect in Education! (kinectEDucation)
    Now You See It: How the Brain Science of Attention Will Transform the Way We Live, Work and Learn, an awesome book from Cathy "HASTAC" Davidson
    Near Field Communication (NFC) for Smartphones at the Museum of Londun, related video, and NFC links.
    Quick Link:  The Remote - Death by Voice Control?
    46 Seconds of Steve Job's Wisdom-Vision
    MozoCam Video Demos: Great for virtual field trips, awesome HD + fluid movement
    FlatFrog Multi-touch Videos: Point Separation, Multi-input, Multi-user input
    Starbucks Cup Magic:  Augmented Reality App for iPhone and Android!
    Revisiting Good Blogs:  User Interface Engineering (Albrecht Schmidt, University of Stuttgart)
    Revisiting Good Blogs: Eager Eyes (Robert Kosara, UNC-Charlotte)
    TWINE video and the Supermechanical Blog:  Moving Towards the Web of People and Things!
    Revisiting Good Blogs:  Nathan Yau's FlowingData

    Thursday, November 24, 2011

    Update: Links from Interactive Multimedia Technology!

    Revisiting Good Blogs:  Innovative Interactivity (II) - A Digital Watering Hole for Multimedia Enthusiasts
    Mind/Shift Blog Post:  Read, Hear or Create a Story: Apps for Traveling with Kids - and great related links!
    Camera-less Tabletop Computing with Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface with PixelSense
    Is the answer Voronoi?  Looking for possible solutions to an art+dance+music+tech idea from a recurring dream.
    Art+Tech: The work of Aparna Rao and Soren Pors - a TedTalk worth watching!
    Revisiting Good Blogs:  IDEUM update
    Link to a great rant about interaction design.  It is all about the hands, screens and surfaces, not so much!?
    Revisiting Good Blogs - Web of Things: "Architecting the Web of Things for Tinkerers and Hackers"
    Visiting New (to me) Blogs:  Learning WebGL
    Revisiting Good Blogs:  Space and Culture
    Quick Link:  68 interesting ways to use an iPad in education
    Building Interfaces for the New Decade
    Google Chrome Web Store!
    Le Chal:  Smart shoes for the Visually Impaired
    Call for Papers:  Educational Interfaces, Software, and Technology, a workshop at CHI 2012
    Interactive Large Displays in Urban Spaces:  Communicating Energy Usage through Duke Energy's "Smart Energy Now" Project
    Quick Link: iPads and Autism - 60 Minutes Segment
    What would it be like if pens were "banned" from classrooms every Wednesday?  Video clip by Mick Waters, not just for teachers and students!
    Make and Share Your Games Online!  Update: Game Creator and the Cartoon Network Website
    T(ether): Next-Gen Data Gloves + iPad:  Just what I needed for the colder weather!
    Google Labs RIP
    RENCI Update:  Combining Gaming and Visualization
    Hacking Autism:  Touch Technology for Young People with Autism Spectrum Disorders
    Stantum's Multi-Modal, Multi-Touch Technology: Looks Great for 21st Century Learners; Supports Creative, Collaboraitve Knowledge-Sharing

    Friday, November 11, 2011

    The Space and Culture Blog- worth a visit!

    If you are interested in the theme of this blog, "The World is an Interactive Interface", you probably will appreciate the  Space and Culture   journal/weblog. Below are links to a few posts:
    Wifi measuring rods thanks to Oslo School of Architecture (click on image for their article)
    WiFi Measuring Rods, Oslo School of Architecture
    Making WiFi Visible - Network City
    Robert Shields, 10/6/11
    Note: The above post provides a link to Making 'Immaterials: Light painting WiFi', a post written by Einar Sneve Martinussen the YOUrban blog. YOUrban is a research project at the Institute of Design within the Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

    Sound, Space and the City
    Catherine Scheelar, 10/10/11

    Sound, Space, and the City:  Civic Performance in Downtown Los Angeles
    "In Sound, Space, and the City, Marina Peterson explores the processes-from urban renewal to the performance of ethnicity and the experiences of audiences--through which civic space is created at music performances in downtown Los Angeles."

    Mapping Flickr Photos and Twitter Tweets
    Rob Shields, 7/20/11

    Cognitive Cities Conference
    Adam Greenfield's Presentation

    Friday, November 4, 2011

    CALL FOR PAPERS: Educational Interfaces, Software, and Technology, ACM CHI 2012

    3rd Workshop on UI Technologies and Educational Pedagogy
    May 5-6 2012
    in conjunction with ACM-CHI 2012, Austin, Texas

    This will be our third annual workshop in conjunction with CHI 2012.

    One of the primary goals of teaching is to prepare learners for life in the real world. In this ever changing world of technologies such as mobile interaction, cloud computing, natural user interfaces, and gestural interfaces like the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Kinect, people have a greater selection of tools for the task at hand. Teachers and students can leverage these tools to improve learning outcomes. Educational interfaces and software are needed to ensure that new technologies serve a clear purpose in the classrooms and homes of the future.

    Since teachers are always looking for creative ways to engage 21st century learners, there needs to be an academic venue for researchers to discuss novel educational tools and their role in improving learning outcomes. This workshop aims at filling this void: combining the pedagogical expertise of the cooperative learning, and learning sciences communities with the technical creativity of the CHI, UIST and interactive surface communities. The objective of this workshop is to become a conference within two years
    We invite authors to present position papers about potential design challenges and perspectives on how the community should handle the next generation of HCI in education. 
    Topics of interest include:
    • Gestural input, multitouch, large displays
    • Mobile Devices, response systems (clickers)
    • Tangible, VR, AR & MR, Multimodal interfaces
    • Console gaming, 3D input devices
    • Co-located interaction, presentations
    • Educational Pedagogy, learner-centric, Child Computer Interaction
    • Empirical methods, case studies
    • Multi-display interaction
    • Wearable educational media
    Submission:  The deadline for workshop paper submissions is Dec 20, 2011. Interested researchers should submit a 4-page position paper in the ACM CHI adjunct proceedings style to the workshop management system. Acceptance notifications will be sent out February 20, 2012. The workshop will be held May 5-6, 2012 in Austin, Texas. Please note that at least one author of an accepted position paper must register for the workshop and for one or more days of the CHI 2012 conference.
    Contact: Edward Tse, SMART Technologies,
    Workshop Organizers:
    Important Dates:

    Friday, June 17, 2011

    LINKS AND UPDATES: Emerging and interactive technologies/apps, related posts

      Calming Technologies Research, Stanford University