Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Who studies ubiquitous/pervasive computing?

Last year I took a course in Ubicomp, and as I delved into the research, I learned that people from a variety of disciplines are involved in this area.

I didn't return to school until mid-life, after working for many years as a school psychologist. My second major as an undergraduate was social science, and it's exciting to see what people in the social science are doing in this forward-looking, interdisciplinary field.

I've come across a few more interesting researcher-bloggers, and I'd like to devote some of my future posts highlighting some of their work and accomplishments.

I mentioned in a previous post that Sam Kinsey, a
PhD candidate in cultural geography at the School of Geographical Sciences in the University of Bristol, is focusing his research in Ubicomp.

Sam Kinsey's current proposed thesis title:
"Practicing the technics of disappearance: emergent spatialities and the experimental development of ubiquitous computing."

Anne Galloway is a Ph.D candidate and a lecturer in the
Department of Sociology & Anthropology at Carleton University, in Ottawa, Canada. Take a look at her Purse Lips Square Jaw and Space and Culture sites/blogs.

Anne's blog statement:
"My research interests can be found at the intersections of space, culture and technology. I particularly enjoy critical social and cultural theory, social studies of science and technology, design and new media studies, material culture studies and qualitative methodologies."

More later!