Monday, August 2, 2010

Brain-Computer Interfaces: Link to interview of Francois Vialatte, BCI researcher

Francois Vialatte is a Brain-Computer Interaction (BCI) research scientist at the Laboratory for Advanced Brain Signal Processing (ABSP), at the Brain Science Institute, RIKEN. Beginning in September 2010, he will be an assistant professor in the SIGMA lab, ESPCI ParisTech, in Paris, France.  I'd like to share a link to his interview posted on the engineuring blog that focuses on Vialatte's research in the area of BCI, as well as the myths, misconceptions, and truths surrounding this fascinating area of study:

Brain-Computer Interfaces, hypnosis, Mind Machines, synchrony, migraine and publicity of science - Engineuring (Alexandra Elbakyan) 8/28/09