Friday, August 14, 2009

Dancing and Interacting with the World: Break dancing and skateboarding performance artist with crutches

Here is the description on the YouTube CharityFocus channel:

"Like one in 1200 children, Bill Shannnon has a bilateral hip deformity -- his hips aren't round, and putting pressure on them creates swelling. Since the age of five, he's been using crutches, and by now, he considers them be an extension of his body. Instead of feeling handicapped, Shannon has elevated walking on crutches to an art form! In this video, watch Bill take it to the street, dance, skate and more -- all to challenge images of disability through performance art."

Here is Bill Shannon in the Visa "flow" ad, posted in Dance-Tech.NET

Dance Tech.NET: Interdisciplinary Explorations on the Performance of Motion

Thanks, Neema Moraveji, for the link!

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