Saturday, September 26, 2009

Layar for Android, an Augmented Reality Browser for Android: 3D version coming in November 2009

"Eventually, the physical and the virtual worlds will become one"

The power of location-based services is harnessed by Layar, working on mobile phones that have a compass, GPS, and a camera. The first version of Layer targets mobile devices with the Android operating system.

Layar, world's first mobile augmented reality browser:

TechCrunch Video: Layar: Augmented Reality Browser for Android

How it works:

In November,  Layar Reality Browser will add 3D functionality to its augmented reality platform for Android:

"With 3D, developers can tag real-life objects with 3D text, place 3D objects in real-world space, and create multi-sensory experiences. The addition of 3D enables Layar developers to create more realistic and immersive augmented reality experiences for mobile devices" 

 Layar3D Augmented Reality Engine Trial: Arcade Game
Layar 3D Augmented Reality Engine Trial: Venue Tagging

How Layar 3D Works

" Layar 3D makes use of OpenGL, the accelerometer, the GPS and the compass of the phone. Developers can place 3D objects in their content layers based on coordinates. Objects can be optimized in size and orientation to create an immersive and realistic experience. The 3D capabilities support live downloading and rendering of 3D objects. Actions such as “open link” or “play music” can be assigned to 3D objects."

I love this concept!

For your convenience, I've provided links from the Layar website:
View all 116 layers that are now live all over the world on Layar 2.1
last update September 25th 2009

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