Friday, December 24, 2010

Links to Lots of Posts! NUI, AR, Interactive Multimedia, Multi-touch, Gesture, Usability, HCI, UX, IA, ID, Emerging Tech, 3D, Games

Here is a list of links to a variety of tech-related posts to keep fill up some of your time during the holiday season.  Enjoy!

Teach Parents Tech Website by Google Employees -gotta love it- includes tech "how-to" video care packages!
Multi-touch SMARTBoard (800 Series)
Video School Online: Free from Vimeo
Interesting animation made with Google Docs presentation app. (Google Demo Slam), via Flowing Data
"Design is the Solution-From Visual Clarity to Clarity in the Mind" (gem of an article by Gerd Waloszek, SAP User Experience)
Short documentary of the story behind the Reactable, a tangible user interface for creating music. (Includes an interview of Joel Bonasera, of Charlotte's Discovery Place museum.)
Interactive Surveillance: Live digital art installation by Annabel Manning and Celine Latulipe



More links to posts, videos, and pics about interactivity, NUI, HCI, interactive infoviz, multitouch, UX..

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