Sunday, December 28, 2008

How to Find the HP TouchSmart Website: Another Example for the Usability Hall of Shame

I came across the following post about HP's marketing snafu regarding the SmartTouch on the LandorCom blog:

"I saw a commercial for HP’s new multi-touch computer. It looked cool, so I tried to look it up on Instead I was treated to a marketing disaster of biblical proportions."

I don't know the author of LandorCom, but I'll have to agree with the comments! If you go to HP's home page, as pictured above, there is no hint that the TouchSmart PC exists.

If you do a search for "HP TouchSmart", you will find a link to the following page:

A quick glance at this page certainly doesn't give the user a feeling of what the HP TouchSmart is all about, which is a sharp contrast to the HP TouchSmart interactive webpage, which takes more time to find.

Link to TouchSmart TV ad videoclip. If you look carefully, you will find a link below the videoclip to the HP TouchSmart interactive website. From there, you can link to the TouchSmart Community site.

If you dig even deeper, you'll find some videoclips about the TouchSmart. It would be great if these videos could be easily accessed from the first pages a user might come across after doing a search for the PC!

Note: Although the videoclips have an embed feature, the clips would not embed into this blog post!

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