Sunday, December 7, 2008

Urban Screens: Streaming Museum in Cyberspace and Public Space on 7 Continents

Streaming Museum is "a new hybrid Museum for the 21st Century that presents real-time exhibitions in cyberspace and public spaces on seven continents". Some of the recent events/exhibits have been played out on urban screens.

"Conceived as a source of free cultural content and public service messaging created by artists on the environment, education, and health...Enables interconnectivity of a diverse global community focused on culture, and gives artists the vehicle to act as cultural ambassadors as their work crosses the geographic divide..Invites visitors at each venue to upload pictures via cell phone or email to the Streaming Museum website"

From the Streaming Museum website:

"Artists and Innovators for the Environment" Part Two: (December 3 to February 3)

"December 3 - February 3 Andrea Ackerman, Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, Agnes Denes, Jaap Drupsteen, Ben Edwards, Buckminster Fuller, David Jr. & One-Eyed Doll, Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta, Marty St. James, Robert Snyder, James Tunick, Jacob Ter Veldhuis, Stephen Vitiello, Julia Wolfe, and other visionary creators."

Details about the public spaces supporting the exhibit

Link to schedule of exhibitions in public spaces in various countries

Links to on-demand viewings in cyberspace:

Streaming Museum website:

Second Life; Ars Virtua New Media Center:

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Part 1: Artists and Innovators for the Environment (October-December 2008)

"October 3 to December 3 John Cage, Cedar Lake Dance, Agnes Denes, Jaap Drupsteen, Buckminster Fuller, Brian Mackern, James Nachtwey, Nunatak, Emanuel Dimas de Melo, Pimenta, Anni Rapinoja, Huang Ruo, Gustavo Santaolalla, Robert Snyder, Jacob ter Veldhuis, and innovative designs for environmental sustainability by Chuck Hoberman and others."

Nina Colosi, Founder & Creative Director of Streaming Museum

Urban Screens Melbourne 08

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