Friday, February 20, 2009

User Experience and IKEA

I wrote about IKEA's interactive website in a previous post, before the new IKEA store opened in my area, and since then, I counted the days until it opened.

The grand opening was this week, and I went shopping there last night with one of my daughters.

I ate the Swedish meatballs in the cafeteria. I wanted to buy things.

We decided that IKEA uses some sort of aroma-therapy/mind control through out the store.

This was my first visit to an IKEA, and it was awesome. They had flat-panel televisions all over the place. I was hoping that one of the displays would be connected to that cute IKEA website, KOM IN I GARDEROBEN. The English version: Come Into the Closet.

It would have been fun to control the dancers while sitting on a showroom sofa, using gestures.

From the IKEA Website:

"This is a campaign to promote IKEA's wardrobe solutions. IKEA wanted to show their huge range of styles and all the smart features on the inside....All the movements on the web site are controlled by sound and music.So change songs, upload your own music, play on your keyboard or sing into the microphone."

For more details:

IKEA's Interactive Dancing and Musical Website

Enjoy the site!

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Anonymous said...

In the UK, it was a company called Beaver Solutions who did the digital signage in IKEA.