Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Silverpac's Multi-touch website, by Ciplex. features Evolution 5500, a user-friendly universal remote control. using Windows 7 SlideShow

SilverPAC's connected universal remote control: 

Video of the SilverPac/Ciplex multi-touch website:

In the video, the narrator claims that this is the first multi-touch website, there are others. This particular website is functional as a single-touch website on non-Windows 7 computers.

Ciplex is an interactive and marketing agency that created a multi-touch enabled website for Silverpac. The SilverPac website features the Evolution 5500, a universal remote control that harnesses Windows SideShow.  The 4.3" color LCD touch-screen provides control for home entertainment systems, lighting, your home's heating and cooling system, mobile PC, and desktop computer.  If you have a computer running Windows 7, it can access the Windows Media Center digital entertainment center.

SilverPAC Press Release


Gene said...

I don't think there are other multitouch online website in this very moment.
And though the website works very well with single touch (mouse) it is optimized for multitouch computers such as HP TouchSmart series or Dell ones and it is intended to be navigated by gestures.

Lynn V. Marentette said...

The PookieTouch demo website is one that works with a NextWindow plug-in on the HP TouchSmart running Vista. I have a TouchSmart AIO.

crux said...

Hi, I'm a proud owner of a multitouch notebook (dell xt2). I tested this website to find out how well works multitouch with ms silverlight. But this was a bad idea, because silverlight have any problems to detected touches and to recognize clear gestures. And in this case, this wasn't a good promotion for multitouch as a new input device.

Gene said...

It works very well for me. Try updating drivers from N-Trig support page. I was experiencing similar problems that disappeared after I reinstalled updated drivers.

Luís Gachineiro said...

is it only dual touch?

Lynn V. Marentette said...

From the video, it looks like it is dual touch, but I am not sure.