Sunday, July 4, 2010

Technology in the Sunday Paper, Tourists on Segways in Charlotte, NC.

This morning, the Charlotte Observer ran an article about 3-D TV, a topic I've recently blogged about:

"But the first sales figures on 3-D TVs and a newly released consumer survey indicate that the industry has a long way to go before the new technology catches on in a big way, if it ever does...In the sets' first three months on the market, beginning in February, consumers nationwide spent about $55 million on new 3-D-capable TVs and related equipment, according to an NPD Group survey of some of the largest retailers carrying the products, including Best Buy and"  -3-D TV sets are selling, but no instant craze
Kristena Hanson, L.A. Times, 7/4/10, in the Charlotte Observer

In the wad of ads that came with my Sunday paper,  I noticed a huge glossy spread by Sony, highlighting the company's 3D system and other newer technologies:

An ad from Wolf Camera and Image featured a Nikon COOLPIX S1000PJ, with a built-in mini-projector:

Back to the Sony spread, I noticed the Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer:

"Hello, I'm Dash"

"As the Dash™ Personal Internet Viewer, I use over 1,000 free apps and your Wi-Fi®connection to deliver the information and entertainment you crave—right to your bedroom, kitchen or office. Now you can access always-fresh web content with the touch of a finger, without being tethered to your PC."

"Easy to customize, just choose the apps you want to display—weather, traffic, sports, social networking, movies, music, games and more."

Why not just get a kickstand for your iPad, slate, or smartphone?

I also noticed the ad for the Sony Reader Touch Edition:

Technology in my world:

Later in the day, I was driving down Central Avenue in Charlotte's Plaza-Midwood neighborhood. Stopped at a light, I snapped a picture of some tourists on Segways:

Technology, as it is embraced in Charlotte, North Carolina!

Direct HD 3D TV website

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