Saturday, September 15, 2007

Search for Researchers: Ubiquitous computing, large screen displays, touch screen displays & tables, and mobile devices

I am in the process of compiling list of links to researchers who are interested in off-the-desktop systems and applications that can seamlessly inter-operate with mobile and remote devices and systems, especially systems that include large-screen displays and touch-enabled tables or surfaces.

A variety of fields are involved in this area - interactive design, computer-supported collaborative work, embedded system design, industrial systems engineering, virtual reality, human factors, educational technology, mobile learning, computer & video game development, mobile computing, audio-visual media, new media, mobile marketing, GIS & geography/ geology, graphic design, computer music, interactive storytelling, etc. etc.

Here is a start:

Stacey D. Scott, Ph.D
Collaboration Technologies Researcher
University of Waterloo

Dr. Scott is the Program Co-Chair for Tabletop 2007 (IEEE Int'l) Workshop on Horizontal Interactive Human-Computer Systems, held on October 10-12, 2007 in Newport, R.I., in conjunction with UIST 2007 (ACM Symposium on User Interface Software & Technology)

The program for both conferences has a list of presenters and their topics, but no links.

Here are a few more links:

Desney Tan
Bill Buxton
Jeffery Han
Harry "Gravano" van der Veen
On the Tabletop(Stefano Baraldi)


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