Sunday, September 9, 2007

Trends: New interfaces and new interactions for computing and technology: Link to an article from The Economist

If you are interested in emerging technologies, ubiquitous computing, interface/interaction design, and topics related to usability and user-centered design, a recent article in the Technology Quarterly of The Economist, "The Trouble with Computers" provides a good overview of problems and solutions. The article quotes experts such as Adam Greenfield, the author of "Everyware: The dawning age of ubiquitous computing".

My favorite quotes from the article:

"Its an interface designed by engineers for engineers" - Adam Greenfield, on the Nokia 6680 mobile phone.

" programmers and engineers....are often guilty of designing complicated systems packed with too many features...There's a point where humanity just can't handle it." -Steven Kyffin, senior researcher at Philips.

"Ease of use is one area where technology firms can differentiate themselves and gain competitive advantage" --The Economist

"Making computers simpler to use will require more than novel input devices. Smarter software is needed, too." --The Economist

The article goes on to discuss touch screens, gesture-aware interfaces, and context-aware devices and applications.

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