Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Usability/Interaction Hall of Shame (In a Hospital)

As I go about my daily life, I make sure I have my digital camera close at hand, just in case I come across something to submit to the Usability Hall of Shame or Fame.

What were they thinking?

Here is an example of a user-unfriendly interactive touch-screen map on an information kiosk at a large hospital:

An information kiosk that looks like it was torn up by a frustrated hospital visitor:

Here is a picture of a hospital bed/TV remote control in my dad's hospital room. The TV channels could only scroll up, so if you were on Channel 6 and you wanted Channel 5, you had to go up through the remainder of the stations! If you hit a button, different hospital room lights would turn off and on without warning.

For more information about good (and bad) usability design, take a look at the World Usability Day 2007 website.

The following excerpt is from the "making life easy" website from World Usability Day 2006:

"Confusing cash machines, unclear signs, frustrating websites - poor usability is everywhere and it gets in the way of life. Sometimes it is just annoying. At other times it stops us doing what we need to do.

It can even be dangerous.

World Usability Day is an international event promoting the message that people have had enough of things that are hard to use."

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