Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Green IT, Carry Small, Live Large Concept Update: Nokia's noBounds Project, via Internet Tablet Talk

Roy Want wrote an interesting article, Carry Small, Live Large, for the introduction of the IEEE Pervasive Computing Issue 3, 2007. In this article, he discusses applications for large high-quality displays in urban public spaces, taking advantage of UltraWideBand for Wireless USB. In the future, Roy portends that our mobile devices- SmartPhones, will interoperate with large wireless displays, furthering the dream of pervasive computing.

Nokia Research Center in Germany is woking towards the "Carry Small, Live Large" concept. It is also an example of "Green IT". This is good news for me, a proud owner of a Nokia n800.

Here is the video of the noBounds project:

noBounds! - blast Smartphones display bounds! from Bernd Steinke on Vimeo.

According to a post by Reggie, on IInternet Tablet Talk, noBounds provides a low-power solution for mobile users to expand Smartphone and Internet Tablet screens to higher resolution external displays such as high definition (HD) panels, projectors, and near-to-eye displays (NED). The project aims to output video at FullHD (1920×1080p) at 30 frames per second (faster on partial display changes) via USB or WLAN. Connect a USB keyboard or a mouse, an you have a mobile personal computer anywhere you go."

"...noBounds allows not only to attach an external high resolution display to a mobile device very efficiently, but allows also to seamlessly use available input devices such as a keyboard or a USB mouse. Thus, it can act as a complete Laptop or PC replacement for the majority of PC applications. Since the solution has a ultra low power dissipation (no fans needed & longtime battery powered) it has the potential to revolutionize the classical IT environment (Green IT): The users have all their data and processing capabilities in a mobile device, yet are able to use the ergonomic peripherals they are used to in a PC environment."

A fully mobile usage with a single 1200mAh phone battery powering the phone, USB and an Near to Eye Display (NED) estimates to allow more than 6 hours typical office application usage time without a power supply."

Wouldn't it be great if some of the large displays that are cropping up in public spaces were accessible to our mobile devices?

I love my Nokia n800. I love large displays... maybe I can get it all connected some day.

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