Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Microsoft Research: Being Human: Human Computer Interaction in the Year 2020

Being Human: Human Computer Interaction in the Year 2020
(Microsoft Research)

I'm reading this now and will update this post with my comments.

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imaginatelo said...

I believe this report about HCI in the year 2020 by Microsoft opens with a great point, that computers embedded in artifacts and materials and their inclusion everywhere in our lives is bringing, or will bring about tensions between individuals and governments and between globalization and cultural diversity.
Multi-touch interfaces, animated textiles, robots conveying emotional states, twitter blocks, etc. are among the technologies that the article foresees as becoming prevalent in the near future.
But, my favorite section is how technologies will be changing lives, particularly in education: Today multimedia learning tools, WiFi and interactive whiteboards are becoming more and more common. Technologies are being assimilated into children's lives: the "when" of podcasting and the "where" of Second Life. Teachers using Tablet PC's and whiteboards in class along with online assessment tools after class (goodbye chalk and talk style!) will give them a positive balance of teaching time instead of spending so much time assessing because of new process-based measurement of students' competence and learning.
Ultimately connecting the parents to the educational process in a connected computer technology where school "invades" home and vice versa can only improve communities and boost integration and progress.