Tuesday, April 8, 2008

thirteen23's Touch Screen Information Kiosk: A GOOD Example of Touch-screen Interaction and Content

Here is a breath of fresh air.  If you are familiar with this blog, you know how much I love positive user experiences and usable interactive design and content.  Most of what I find, unfortunately, I've relegated to the Interaction Usability Hall of Shame.

Thirteen23's work is a breath of fresh air.   It has the top spot in my Interaction Usability Hall of Fame.

thirteen23's entry for Microsoft's PhizzPop design challenge won first place in their division and will go on to Austin, Texas.   The team had just three days to put together their design, an  interactive kiosk that provides dynamic mapping and proximity-based services. (The map was developed using Microsoft's Windows Presentation Foundation.)

           To view the video, visit thirteen23.

According to
Josh Holmes,  36 design teams were rated on the following criteria:

Satisfaction of Constituent Needs:
  • How well does the needs of the constituencies as defined by the profile? 
  • Is the experience appropriate for the audience? 
  • How elegant is the experience?

Satisfaction of the Market
  • How well does the solution address the market needs? 
  • Will the solution work across all of the identified constituencies?

Uniqueness of the solution: 
  • Is the solution unique, differentiated and defensible?
Technical Excellence: 
  • Was the team able to build a working solution (however limited), or is it purely a scripted prototype?
  • How visually appealing is the solution?

Imagine how the world would look and feel if more people followed these guidelines! 

Here are some video clips from thirteen23 that show good large touch-screen usability in action:

Touch screen movie kiosk:

Here is another example of thirteen23's "ease of use" approach:

         To view the video, visit thirteen23.
"Based on the NikeID experience, this in-store configurator allows users to select and customize their athletic shoe using a touch screen interface"

thirteen23's discussion of integrated retail.  The company also provides desktop and mobile solutions.

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