Thursday, June 19, 2008

Multi-touch Interaction Design Techniques: Links to Resources from AVI 2008 - Advanced Visual Interfaces Conference

ACM-SIGCHI, ACM-SIGMM, and SIGCHI recently held the AVI 2008: Advanced Visual Interfaces conference in Naples, Italy. Topics covered included interaction models and techniques, interactive visualization, interactive systems, and user interaction studies.

I found the information linked below worth exploring:

Workshop on Designing Multi-touch Interaction Techniques for Coupled Public and Private Displays pdf

Slides and videos from the workshop

From the conference website:
"This workshop will
specifically focus on the research challenges in designing touch interaction techniques for the combination of small touch driven private input displays such as iPhones coupled with large touch driven public displays such as the Diamondtouch or Microsoft Surface."

Topics of Interest

  • Understanding the design space and identifying factors that influence user interactions in this space
  • The impact of social conventions on the design of suitable interaction techniques for shared and private displays
  • Exploring interaction techniques that facilitate multi-display interfaces
  • Personal displays as physical objects for the development of interaction techniques with shared multi-touch displays
  • Novel interaction techniques for both private and public multi-touch devices as part of multi-display environments
  • Techniques for supporting input re-direction and distributing information between displays
  • Developing evaluation strategies to cope with the complex nature of multi-display environments
  • Ethnography and user studies on the use of coupled public and private display environments"
If you conducting research or working in this area, you might have something to contribute to a special publication related to multi-touch interaction design:

Call for Papers for Personal and Ubiquitous Computing Special Issue

Designing Multi-touch Interaction Techniques for Coupled Public and Personal Displays Editors: Shahram Izadi, Aaron Quigley, and Sriram Subramanian

Pictures from the Multi-touch Interaction Workshop Publication:

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