Thursday, June 19, 2008

Interesting Technology: InfiniTouch Expands the Concept of Touch-Screen Interaction

I just learned about an interesting form of touch-technology that works on a variety of surfaces and materials. Someone from the company behind InfinityTouch left a message on one of my blog posts, and thought readers would be interested in learning more about it. I agree. Here is the link the post: Hands On Computing: How Multi-Touch Screens Could Change the Way we Interact with Computers and Each Other (link to Scientific American Article)

Here are a couple of videos about this technology, called InfiniTouch, by QSI Corporation.

Force Panel Touch Screen Gas Pump

In this example, items can be ordered and paid for from the pump, such as a DVD, food, coffee drinks.

InfinitiTouch Music Kiosk

This explains how the technology behind the kiosk works. The material is rugged and weather-proof. The interesting thing with this technology is that the touch-sensitivity is not limited to the screen. The rest of the surface can be touch-enabled, even the frame!

According to an article about InfiniTouch from 2007,on the eMediaWire website, InfiniTouch has many useful features:

  • - Capable of dynamic self calibration
  • - Scalable to any size, proven up to 1.2 meters
  • - Supports two-sided display
  • - Usable with various elevations: flat plane, curved surface, 3-D surface,projected surface, or a surface with holes, such as a speaker
  • - Highly light transmissive
  • - Touchable with a finger, gloved hand, stylus, or other object
  • - Operable when covered with ice, water, dust or debris
  • - Capable of capturing signatures

InfiniTouch senses force as the z-axis. Items that raise above the frame can also be touch-enabled. It can sense touch on 3D surfaces, as well as curved and irregular surfaces. It is designed to withstand public outdoor use. At the present time, it does not support multi-touch interaction.

Additional Information:

Video: InfiniTouch Introduction
(This video demonstration will give you an idea of the tactile "touchy-feely" possibilities of this technology.)
Wall Panels Video (This video provides examples of how the technology can be used in public spaces.)
How It Works
Sensing Touch by Sensing Force pdf

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