Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"We were rolling computers all day"..The Making of Radioheads "House of Cards" using imaging and info visualization software

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Doug Fox's recent post on the Kinetic Interface blog takes an interesting look at Radiohead's music video, "House of Cards", that was created without the use of video cameras. The software used for the production of the video included GeoVideo, a 3D high-resolution, real-time motion capture system from Geometric Informatics; Lidar, a high-definition 3D sensor/scanner from Velodyne, and Processing, "an open-source language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and interactions".

A wonderful thing about this lovely song and visual production is that people can obtain the code from Google code to manipulate the data to make new creations! The Google Code site includes CSV point card data, Processing source code, Lidar scan data, from the House of Cards video, and of course, instructions. Radiohead invited fans to share their creations on the YouTube House of Cards group channel. You can also play around with the 3D Data Visualization Viewer for House of Cards.


HD Lidar Whitepaper

It is important to note that Velodyne's goal is to see Lidar sensing technology used to help eliminate automobile-related casualties.

The iterative design process behind Lidar:

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This was such a nice collaboration from so many talented people. Radiohead is one of my favorite groups, and I have a deeper appreciation of information visualization after studying the subject last semester.

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