Monday, July 7, 2008

Gas Station TV - I spied this at a suburban Detroit gas station!

While I was visiting relatives in the Metro Detroit area recently, I spied "Gas Station TV" flashing at a service station as I was driving about. Unfortunately, I didn't have my digital equipment nearby.

Here is information from the source:

Gas Station TV:

"GSTV features ESPN sports, CBS News and Entertainment segments, and local market weather. GSTV's 4 1/2 minute lineup is designed to maximize consumer engagement."

"Destination Media ( ), the digital out-of-home marketing leader and parent of Gas Station TV and LG Electronics ( ), a leader in digital signage displays, today announced plans for a long-term strategic technology and marketing alliance." link

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CBS News on Gas Station TV

Could it be possible to market one's place of worship through Gas Station TV?

I found this picture on Google Images. I don't know Joe Thorn, but it if you are interested, his blog post that accompanied this picture, "Does your church advertise?", sparked a discussion about marketing and churches...

Related article from msnbc.

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