Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chris O'Shea's Pixelsumo July Digest Posts - Design, Interactive Technology and the Arts

One of my favorite blogs is Chris O'Shea's "Pixelsumo". His July Digest is a compilation of the things he wished he had time to write about, saying, "I am finding less time to blog these days, and my list of things to blog keeps getting bigger and bigger. From now on I will do a Pixelsumo digest at the end of each month, containing projects that didn’t make it into full posts in time.
So to start off, here are projects I wish I had written about recently…"

Go on a treasure hunt to learn more about Pixelsumo by following the tags below:

Here are the intriguing pictures from Chris O'Shea's July Digest. You will have to visit Pixelsumo to find out what they represent! 

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