Saturday, August 30, 2008

User-Experience and Emerging Technology: Designer-Developers at Stimulant creates engaging multi-touch apps, and more...

Those of you who follow this blog know that I've found numerous examples of touch-screen applications in public spaces that fall in the
Interactive Usability Hall of Shame category. This time, I've come across something that is headed directly to the Interactive Usability Hall of Fame!

Stimulant, the company that created the HP multi-touch wall of digital instruments, has created an application for GM that was on display at the NAIAS 2008 conference in Detroit.

According to Nathan Moody's post on the Stimulant news blog, a capacitance-sensing film was affixed to glass windows, and the images were displayed through rear projection, to create five interactive stations. The Stimulant team collaborated directly with the exhibit designer, Machinehead-Creative.

The photo below is another multi-touch application that Stimulant provided for GM. This time, it was for the Greenbuild conference, and later was displayed at the Electric Vehicle Show.

Three screens, three projectors, 4.6 million pixels, hundreds of minutes of video...all helping tell GM\'s sustainability story at the Greenbuild Conference.

There is more. The next photo demonstrates Stimulant's work with Microsoft's Silverlight to create an interactive data visualization application along with StepChange. You can find a version of this application online on the Silverlight website.

The application shows data on worldwide Silverlight development, broadband penetration, and more.

I am sure we will see more of Stimulant's work in the future -perhaps in airports, cultural centers, libraries, aquariums, zoos, and school media centers?

Update: Stimulant's collaborative partners at Obscura Digital were involved with the experience design and hardware execution for NAIAS and Greenbuild projects. Interesting website!

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Darren David said...

Hi Lynn-

Thanks so much for the positive words on our work! I'd also like to make sure that our fantastic partners over at Obscura Digital get props for the experience design and hardware execution for the NAIAS and Greenbuild pieces. It's all about collaboration. More soon...

Darren David