Monday, September 1, 2008

UNICEF's "Bee" Mobile Emergency Communication System

The following video clip is of UNICEF's "Bee" prototype, a mobile emergency communications system designed for deployment in communities during disasters and emergencies:

"Bee" system prototypes represent the future of connectivity in emergencies.

  • "The system is designed to work within UNICEF's 'build back better' policy of helping families and communities recover from emergencies. While the components of the Bee are intended initially to facilitate crisis-response operations, they are eventually to be left behind and integrated into the community's monitoring, evaluation, education and health programmes."
The system allows for registering children during emergencies.

The solar-powered emergency system communication hub also functions as a temporary digital school-in-a-box, with access to to educational content through satellites and mobile networks.
BEE prototype; Low Tech School-in-a-Box

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