Saturday, August 23, 2008

Useful, Usable Interaction Information Displays at the Sydney Airport?!

Most of what I've encountered in the way of interactive information displays in airports and other public spaces has been underpar, as several of my previous posts have documented. Maybe there is hope in Australia...

Although I haven't flown to Australia, I'm hoping that the latest installation of information displays will meet expectations.

Here are the details, from the NextWindow website:

"...To inform travelers about the progress of the upgrades, SACL has placed NextWindow 32” interactive touch screens throughout the complex. The touch screens provide virtual tours using animation software. "

"Passengers and airport staff have commented on the ease of use of the system and the immediate availability of relevant information at the touch of a finger."

"SACL chose integration partner Honeycom Solutions to bring the touch-enabled displays to reality. Honeycom used LCD monitors from LG Electronics in conjunction with NextWindow’s 2403 Touch Panel overlays. HoneyCom were supplied with the touch technology by NextWindow's Australian Distributor, Image Design Technology (IDT)."

The Bombay Sapphire display, also located at the Sydney airport, is visually appealing:

blog post photo

If you've encountered these displays at the Sydney airport, leave a comment and share your experience.

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