Saturday, January 3, 2009

Links to posts: Phenom All-in-one Watchphone; Play a Flute on your iPhone & Multimedia Resources

Here are links to a few posts from my Interactive Multimedia Technology blog that might be of interest:

Phenom's All-in-One Touch-Screen Watch Phone: A perfect observational research tool!?
Play a flute by blowing on your iPhone! (Smule's Ocarina application)

Mixing Games and Applications (Lostgarden's slides - Building a Princess Saving App; Amy Jo Kim's slides- "Putting the Fun in Functional", and more.)

Visual Culture

Interactive Multimedia Resources
(Links to blog posts, articles, books, podcasts, blogs, and more. A work in progress.)


Ricardo Seiji said...

Hi Lynn. Would be really glad with your following.
Great posts here in your blog, just added your RSS to my reader.


Lynn V. Marentette said...

I'm happy you enjoyed the posts!