Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rocky Roconova demonstrates his company's TouchTable on Wired Science TV

The video on this post provides a basic overview of interaction of a touch table, demonstrated by Rocky Roccanova, the CEO of TouchTable.

According to Roccanova, his company's touch table was originally developed as a tool for teaching children geography. In the video, you'll see interaction with Google Earth, as well as a GISESRI application from . Roccanova goes on to demonstrate a flight tracking application that depicts the airspace around the very busy Chicago O'Hare airport, a crime analysis system that can map of crime data incidents and clusters moving around a city over time, and even a pool game.

Although this particular table was $59,000.00 at the time the video was filmed (in late 2007), Roccanova mentioned that the company intends to have this technology available in the schools sometime in the future.

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