Friday, January 2, 2009

Multi-touch and gesture interaction out and about: 1. Accenture's Touch Wall at the Chicago Airport; 2. Photos and Videoclip from TacTable

Accenture's Touch Wall at O'Hare Airport
Note: Also posted on the Interactive Multimedia Technology blog.

From the New York Times, photographed by Yana Paskova

Video and Photos from TacTable

The following video shows some applications developed by TacTable. As you can see, many of the applications look like they'd be useful in public spaces, including airports and museums.

Below are some pictures from the TacTable website:
Where Did Language Come From? Liberty Science Center, N.J.
Accenture Welcome Wall, London, England
Sprint Studio Digital Lounge Table


TacTable Contacts:
Henry Kaufman

Tinsley Galyean

Graham Cosier

"Clients include Sprint, Accenture, Cirque du Soleil, New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Liberty Science Center, Detroit Institute of Art, Georgia Aquarium, London's Millenium Dome, Boston Museum of Science, Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Warner Brothers, Discovery, Disney, British Telecom Retail, and many others."

New Accenture Technology Lands at O'Hare International Airport

Flight Delays Radiate from Chicago and Atlanta

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