Monday, March 30, 2009

nnub: Local Community Interactive Noticeboard Software
Moggill's Nnub

"Nnub Moggill is a touch-screen digital noticeboard located at the Moggill General Store. All content on the digital noticeboard is generated by users of Nnub Moggill and by aggregating content relevant to the local community from other sources. Content can be uploaded to the digital noticeboard at"

"Nnub aims to help build better, searchable, indexable, information for local communities. Our philosophy is that anyone can post. At Nnub we moderate web submissions only for porn and profanity."

The Moggill nnub follows the principles of the Seattle Community Network

"Nnub is a research project conducted by researchers at the Queensland University of Technology and the University of Queensland as part of the Australasian CoOperative Research Centre for Interaction Design (ACID).


Moggill on Flickr

Nnub: Getting to the Nub of Neighbourhood Interaction (pdf)

Urban Interfaces (pdf)

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