Friday, March 6, 2009

More cool stuff from the Web of Things blog...

I just had to share a little more info from Web of Things blog! Enjoy.

Discussing the Web of Things Lift '09

Internet of Things: Roadmap for the Future

Video from the Internet of Things Workshop at Lift'09

LIFT09 - Internet of Things Workshop - from vlad trifa on Vimeo.

Sample of Interesting Links from Web of Things:
Designing with RFIDNatural Interaction: The Real World, Naturally Interactive
Adam Greenfield's Speedbird
Yanko Design: Form Beyond Function
sixthsense: a wearable gestural interface (MIT Fluid Interface Group)
Palantiri Systems: Next Generation Device Connectivity - Collaborative Devices
Manifesto of Open Disruption and Participation (Eric Paulos, 2/20/09)
blip: Berkeley IP Implementation: IPv6 for TinyOS
Tom Igoe: notes on physical interaction, sustainability, networks, simians, cats, and more
also try: Tom

For animal lovers:
"The SNIF Tag gives you, a dog owner, peace of mind and a unique insight into your pet's activity around the clock. By monitoring your dog's actions at home, in the park, and when you're apart, the SNIF Tag lets you track behavioral patterns, determine fitness levels, and better understand the life of your dog."

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