Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Everyware Health Care: Mobile Patient Communicator- an interactive touch screen for patient education

Via the Cloud Computing Journal:

New Mobile Patient Communicator Gives Patients and Interactive Education Tool and Boosts Nurse Productivity

"“Nurses spend a lot of time simply escorting patients from the waiting room to the exam room. We have found that the MPC can effectively room patients, while creating more value-added time for nurses to assume additional clinical tasks,” said Kelvin Buncum, president of International Medical Solutions. "

"“A compelling attribute of the MPC is that it increases nurse and support staff productivity, since it frees up caregivers to devote more of their valuable time to patient evaluations,” noted Buncum, who with his partner Jaime Mitchell, developed the MPC in conjunction with a family practice physician who saw the need to improve his medical support staff‟s productivity to meet growing demand and patients‟ knowledge of their chronic disease."

"During their wait time patients can view educational videos in private to learn about critical matters involving their acute illness, chronic condition and procedures. The user-friendly MPC delivers subject matter specific to the patient‟s stage of care, treatment regimen, rehabilitation, care plan and disease management."

"Serving as a personal health tutor and trainer, the MPC can perform pre- and post-instruction tests, scoring patients on their disease knowledge and retention. Healthcare providers can also grant users access to their clinical Web portal and patient applications via the MPC, providing significant utility over stationary kiosks."

The International Medical Solutions company offers a selection of touch-screen mobile patient communicator devices that would have come in handy during my father's longer-than-expected stay in an intensive care unit:

7 Inch MPC
IMS Seven Inch MPC

10-Inch MPC


12 Inch MPC

IMS Twelve Inch MPC

11-inch Rugged MPC

IMS Rugged MPC


History of International Medical Solutions and the MPC
Whitepaper (pdf)

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