Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The IBM Web or Internet of Things: "A Smarter Planet"

I've noticed that IBM is permeating the masses with the "A Smarter Planet" campaign, and is also very busy building the Internet of Things. If you are like me and DVR your televisionnprogramming, you might have missed the following commercials featuring hardworking, smart IBMers:

Smart Cities

Smarter Info Management

Smarter Energy Grid

Smarter Math

IBM YouTube Advertising Channel

Here are a couple of good articles to read about this topic:

"Imagine a world with millions, perhaps trillions, of sensors that use IBM technology - because that's what Big Blue is imagining." IBM and The Internet of Things
7/22/09 Richard MacManus, Read-Write Web

The Internet of Things. Or Web 3.0
7/22/09 Adam Christensen, A Smarter Planet Blog

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