Friday, April 9, 2010

Former table-top and multi-touch research at Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory ( MERL) 1999-2007

Today, I came across a summary of the research at MERL from 1999-2007 on the Scientists' Discovery Room lab website.


Shen, C., Ryall, K., Forlines, C., Esenther, A., Vernier, F.D., Everitt, K.,Wu, M., Wigdor, D., Morris, M.R., Handcock, M., and Tse, E.  Informing the Design of Direct-Touch Tabletops (pdf).  Interactions September/October 2006.

Here are the current research projects of the SDR Lab:
Multiple Representations for Learning
Rehabilitation Intervention Tools
Thoreau's Woods

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