Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wise Words from Bill Gerba and Adrian J. Cotterill; Digital Signage and Digital Out of Home (DOOH) : DOOH Media Summit, Screen Media Expo

Two great resources about the digital signage industry are Bill Gerba, who works at WireSpring and writes for the Digital Signage Insider blog, and Adrian J. Cotterill, the Editor-in-Chief at Daily DOOH (Digital Out of Home).   The big news is that many companies related to the digital signage industry are going through the merger and acquisition phase.  Below  are a few articles from the digital signage sages:

Bill Gerba, 4/28/10, 

Bill Gerba, 3/31/10

Adrian J. Cotterill, 4/29/10 
Gail Chiasson, 4/29/10

DOOH Media Summit, in association with MediaWeek, at Screenmedia Expo Europe
May 6, 2010, Earls Court, London

Screenmedia Expo Europe Conference Threads
"Screen Science identifies examines and clarifies the complex relationship between users and viewers of digital signage and digital out of home media taking into consideration elements that influence this relationship including place, space, time, ability, propensity, intent and desire."
"If Screen science tells us about engagement mechanics and mechanisms, then On screen brings this to life for the benefit of viewers and users. This is fine art; the art of balancing commercial requirements on one hand and creating rich, dynamic, proactive and responsive content on the other."
"Technology has driven the digital signage and digital out of home revolution. As adoption has increased, costs have decreased and today’s sophisticated digital out of home products and services now mean that rather than asking what they do, it’s simpler to ask what they don’t do."
"If Screen feed examines contemporary technology issues, Futurology looks to the imminent future and explores in detail what technologies, methods and approaches are likely to shape the development of digital signage and digital out of home networks in the next three years."
"There is no doubt that mobile phone usage will have even greater impact on how business reach customers when out of the home. As an out of home channel, screen media has a golden opportunity to develop approaches, products and services that embrace this trend, to integrate narrowcast and interactive media with mobile phone users to provide significant value to users and commercial partners."  


Look Around!  Films leave cinemas for the streets!

"ART BY CHANCE is a brand new Ultra Short Film Festival will take place from 7 May to 4 June 2010 in more than 20 countries and over 100 cities worldwide. For this festival, you don't need to buy a ticket or go to a movie theater! Movies just pop into your lives in subways, buses, airports, shopping malls, trains, sports centers, art galleries, museums, plains, campuses, cafes and bars! Internationally selected and "TIME" themed creative short films catch you unexpectedly while traveling in the subway, waiting at the airport, shopping or just strolling around."


madhatter said...

Toronto, Canada also has a screen-based film festival -- the Toronto Urban Film Festival or TUFF -- which plays on platform screens in the Toronto subway system. This is year is the 4th year for the festival, which runs at the same time as the Toronto International Film Festival of TIFF.

Lynn V. Marentette said...

Thanks for the link!