Sunday, April 22, 2012

Update: Newer links from the IMT blog

Below are links to my posts on the Interactive Multimedia Technology blog that were written since my last update on this blog:
Children's Drawings Projected on Buckingham Palace and BBC's Big Screens in the UK
Septris: A game to teach about Sepsis
Multimedia:  Health Awareness and Rap Video about Sepsi
Large touch-screen display in a hotel lobby at Tides Hotel at Folly Beach
Quick Post:  Media Facades and Luminous Tweets (Video featuring Thomas Schielke)
Digital Media and Learning: Video presentation by high schoolers, video of John Seely Brown's keynote at DML 2012
Future of Gaming Report SlideShare, from PSFK
IXDA Interaction Awards Winners. 2012:  LoopLoop, an interactive music toy by Stimulant/Sifteo, was best in show!
Workshop on Digital Ecosystems for Collaborative Learning: Embedding Personal and Collaborative Devices to Support Classrooms of the Future
Sonic Wire Sculptor and Rhonda, a 3D drawing tool
Numby:  App for learning how to count, via Creative Applications Network
Jennifer Pahlka's TED talk:  "Coding a Better Government" - how Code for America fellows and others are harnessing social media, mobile apps, and the web.
Seamless Collaborative Computing Between Tables and Tablets: nSquared Presenter (Video)
Creating Responsive HTML5 Touch Interfaces (Stephen Woods - Video and Slides)
Link to article about HTML5, web "apps", and the future, from a Yahoo perspective
Link to talks about technology, games, and learning from the Future of Learning Conference
Keepin' It Real: Organic, Natural, or Reality Based Interactions?  Video of TEI '12 panel discussion:  Bill Buxton, Rob Jacob, Mili John Tharakan, and Roel Vertegaal (and more from TEI '12)
Makego: Turn your iPhone into a vehicle, by creative digital artist Chris O'Shea

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