Sunday, February 5, 2012


Here is a link list to a range of posts from the Interactive Multimedia Technology blog:
Jason Silva's multimedia review of ABUNDANCE.  Exponential Technological Progress. Less than two minutes.
Interactive Technology:  Take a look at Corning's "Day Made of Glass 2: Unpacked" Video!
Razorfish Gesture and Touch Platform for the "Retail Experience"
Flight of the Fireflies, an Interactive Musical Poem/Game for the iPad, by Woolly Robot (video trailer)
Google in Education, Updated
iBooks Textbooks for iPads, iTunesU App- and links to info about 1:1 iPad initiatives in public schools
Quick Post: Link to a UX Gold Mine-Official Usability, User Experience, and User Interface Guidelines from Companies
GeekDad's Post: The Changing Nature of App Design for Kids
How to use game dynamics in the classroom, with good links, via Edudemic (Jeff Dunn)
Immersive Learning for Math using DimensionU Games- new "Play, Learn and Earn" with an allowance component.
Off-topic:  "Communication technology for human-dog interaction" and "The secret life of my dog: design and evaluation of a paw tracker concept"....and my dog.
You Know You've Secretly Wanted to Learn to Code! (Info, links, video)
3D Plug-in for SMARTBoard Notebook (Video)
"Kinect-based Telepresence with Room Sized 3D Capture and Life Sized Display, Includes Behind-the-Scene "how-to" (UNC Chapel Hill)
Near-Field Communication in Education? Arts? Wayfinding?
iPads for every student in an elementary school in NC, Smartboards in the classrooms, and one awesome principal
Christian Bannister's Interactive Multi-touch  and Gesture-based Bubcycle Project. Use your hands to shape sound, create, and manipulate music. Wow!!
UPDATE:  EIST Call for Papers/Presentations
Kinect in Education! (kinectEDucation)
Now You See It: How the Brain Science of Attention Will Transform the Way We Live, Work and Learn, an awesome book from Cathy "HASTAC" Davidson
Near Field Communication (NFC) for Smartphones at the Museum of Londun, related video, and NFC links.
Quick Link:  The Remote - Death by Voice Control?
46 Seconds of Steve Job's Wisdom-Vision
MozoCam Video Demos: Great for virtual field trips, awesome HD + fluid movement
FlatFrog Multi-touch Videos: Point Separation, Multi-input, Multi-user input
Starbucks Cup Magic:  Augmented Reality App for iPhone and Android!
Revisiting Good Blogs:  User Interface Engineering (Albrecht Schmidt, University of Stuttgart)
Revisiting Good Blogs: Eager Eyes (Robert Kosara, UNC-Charlotte)
TWINE video and the Supermechanical Blog:  Moving Towards the Web of People and Things!
Revisiting Good Blogs:  Nathan Yau's FlowingData

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