Thursday, May 29, 2008

Multi-touch from Fingertapps

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If you've seen some of the NextWindow demos I've posted previously on this blog, you might be interested in knowing that some of what you've seen was developed by Fingertapps. Here is some information from the website:

"Fingertapps supports various multi-touch screen technologies including optical / blog tracking products such as Next Window as well as capacitive touch technologies such as the N-Trig screen used in the Dell XT."

"Fingertapps is an advanced software platform that makes it easy to quickly develop engaging multi-touch applications. Your applications can combine images, 3D models and video content along with natural touch screen gestures to create an unparalleled user experience

An advantage of Fingertapps is that it allows users to build their own applications, using a declarative scripting language.

Fingertapps Videos:

The third video clip is demonstrated on a Dell Latitude XT tablet, using the N-Trig capacitive touch.

Fingertapps blog

Fingertapps is responsible for the educational software, UMAJIN CREATIVE, which was designed for digital storytelling. It works on touch screens and interactive whiteboards.

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