Saturday, May 31, 2008

Top 15 Blog Posts: Technology Supported Human World Interaction

As of 5/31/08:
Multitouch LaserTouch from Microsoft, Andy Wilson, Innovation...
More of Microsoft's Andy Wilson: Video of Surface Multi-Touch Computing
Urban Screens, Urban Interfaces, Digital Media, and the Arts in Public Spaces
Everyware Health Care: Microsoft Health's Common User Interface website, usable health care applications, pervasive health games...
Interdisciplinary Research in Computer Science and Information Technology: Revisiting the Equator Project
Human-Information Interaction, Usability, User Interface Design Patterns, Mobile Web Design: Random Links.
Positive examples of large-touch screen display interaction: Interactive touch wall at CeBIT: UBC's Shadow Reaching
NextWindow Demos a Multi-touch Display: A more affordable "Surface"
Design Considerations: Touch screen interaction, mobile computing, and Synaptics
Nokia's Morph Prototype and Concept
Ubiquitous interactive computing comes to the corner bank?!
Technology-Supported Shopping and Entertainment-User Experience at Ballantyne Village: "A" for concept, "D" for touch-screen usability
thirteen23's Touch Screen Information Kiosk: A GOOD Example of Touch-screen Interaction and Content
Link to article: Demonstrating the Feasibility of Using Forearm Electomyography for Muscle-Computer Interfaces
I wish I could be Johnny Chung Lee for a Day! Tracking fingers with the Wii Remote

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