Monday, March 10, 2008

Positive examples of large-touch screen display interaction: Interactive touch wall at CeBIT; UBC's Shadow Reaching

I'd like to share a couple examples of interesting applications, designed for very-large interactive displays. Unlike the examples I shared previously, these examples look like they provide an engaging user experience:

The following interactive multi-user wall was showcased at the recent CeBIT 2008 conference in Germany. Although the display is busy, it looks easy and fun to use:

Shadow Reaching is a project developed by Garth Shoemaker, Anthony Tang, and Kellogg S. Booth from the University of British Columbia. It provides a unique means of interacting with very large displays.
According to information from the video, Shadow Reaching "supports natural interaction over the entire large display surface and provides strong user embodiment".

Related Article:
Shadow Reaching: A New Perspective on Interaction for Large Wall Displays (pdf)
Garth Shoemaker, Anthony Tang, and Kellogg S. Booth

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