Friday, March 14, 2008

Nokia's Morph Prototype and Concept

I have a Nokia n800 internet tablet that I've grown to appreciate over the past few months. Although I really wanted an iPhone or an iPod Touch, I settled for the Nokia because it had quite a few features for the price.

It looks like there will be more options for me when I'm ready for my next hand-held device.

Darren Waters, the author of the blog, covers technology from BBC news. He recently had the opportunity to visit Nokia's lab in Palo Alto to learn more about the future of mobile technology. According to Darren, the people at Nokia call cell phones and hand-held devices multimedia computers.

To get a better picture of what is going on at Nokia, take a look at this video about Morph:

"...Morph is a concept looking at the potential applications of nanosciences in future handsets."

"From nanowires that can sense the chemical properties of compounds in the air to nanowire grass that can turn the sun's rays into electrical power, and nanoelectronics with greater computing power than today's fastest computers, Morph is a beguiling vision."

Is the world ready for this? I think so.

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