Saturday, March 1, 2008

Interactive touch displays for ordering meals at the table? Link to article from the Sunday Times Online

Photo from the Sunday Times

According to an article written by Joseph Dunn of the Sunday Times Online, some restaurants are providing diners an efficient way of ordering their meals via a touch-screen display. The system is called "e-menu", was developed by Conceptic. It connects displays located at the table with a central server.

Although this form of table-top computing is not the same as Microsoft's Surface concept, it is a move in the right direction.

Information from the Conceptic website:

"With networked LCD touch screens installed at each table, diners can - at the touch of a mouse or the screen- not only order and pay for their drinks or food, but also select music and video, play games, chat with other customers, and more."

(I'd like to test the system for usability.)


"A clever touch at the restaurant: Diners can now view and order their dishes using a touchscreen at the table"


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