Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Resources and links about touch screens, tables, and multi-touch

After reading a comment to one of my recent posts, I realized that I have several posts and links to resources about interact displays, tables, touch screens, and multi-touch on my Interactive Multimedia Technology blog that I should share with TSHWI readers here.

When I have a moment, I will update this blog with pictures, and annotations, and more resources. (I've posted some of these links on my sidebar, which I'm in the process of updating.)

NUI Group: Open source multi-touch

SethSandler: Audio Touch

Stephano Baraldi's On the Tabletop

Desney Tan: Large displays and multiple device systems

Gerd Waloszek: Interaction Design Guide for Touch Screens

Touch Usability

Microsoft Surface

Inside Microsoft's Multi-touch: Team, Demo, Lab Tour (includes a video)

Savant's Rosie Touch Table


My YouTube Playlist: Cool Technology, Interactive Multimedia, and More!

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