Saturday, June 5, 2010

Media Facades and Projected Social Graffiti at Drexel University (Includes a 7-story tweet)

"Behold the seven-story tweet", a post by Leslie Katz on CNET News, highlights the Social Graffiti project by the digital media students at Drexel University, in Philidelphia. You can digitally tag your tweets with @dgmGraffitti, and it will be projected onto the surface of Nesbitt Hall. 

There is a built-in filtering system, so profanity and potentially offensive messages will not show up, unlike real graffiti.

The slideshow below is from the Social Graffiti Flickr site:

Social Graffiti Project (Directions and more photos can be found on this site.)

TEAM:  Matt Morton, Team Leader, Animator; Chad Porche, Flash Animator; Cara Schroeder: Modeler, Animator; Kurt Gawinowicz: Web Designer, Animator; Kerry Russo: Programmer

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