Saturday, September 18, 2010

Links to posts, videos, and pics related to interactivity and technology...

I've been busy lately, so here are some links to recent posts from my Interactive Multimedia Technology and TechPsych blogs that might be of interest:

Osmosis: Multi-touch systems for... everywhere!

Interactive 360-Degree Glass-less 3D Video Display with Gesture Sensor: Demo of Sony's RayModeler

Bill Buxton's Presentation Video:  "A Little Tale about Touch" (Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, 2010)

Will the iPad rejuvenate journalism and sustain the growth of "slow media"? (Video via ZDNet)

Laying the Groundwork for Interactive Video Activities for Students with Special Needs:  Community Road Trip

For Multi-Touch Techies and the Tech Curious: Touch and Retouch article, with code samples, by Charles Petzold

"The World Is Open: How Web Technology is Revolutionizing Education" - by Curtis J. Bonk

Almost missed this:  "MSI Announces Availability of the World's First 3D Multi-touch All-in-one in America"

For the iPad:  Reactable Multi-touch Mobile (also contains links to similar iPad applications)

Off Topic: Ad with 100 cute cats and kittens roaming free around IKEA (plus 2 video clips of cute kittens and 1 of "dancing" dogs)

For Techies and the Tech-Curious:  A Few Links- IEEE Multimedia Innovations, Surface Computing, Usability, and Computer Education Research

A few interesting links- Innovative Interactivity on Google's "Life In A Day"; rb.trends "Mind Music"; Strombergs Blog "The Future of TV, Augmented and Social"

iPad Apps:  Supporting Communication for Young People with Autism (& Links to Moms with Apps)

Planet in Action's 3D Sound in Google Earth:  Part of the Interactive, Touchable 3D Picture (and thoughts about how this might play out on interactive whiteboards in education)

Video Experiments: Sea Life Medley-Extended Version with Music

Propellerheads' Gigantic Outdoor Drum Machine:  Another "Playful Interface" and Media Facade - Using Phidgets!

Update & Links about the Interface Culture Exhibition at the 2010 Ars Electronica Festival, via Martin Kaltenbrunner

iRiS Interaction at the Playful Interface Cultures Exhibition & Ars Electronica Festival (video, short post, and links)

I wish I could go to the Playful Interface Exhibition at the Ars Electronica Festival!

Settlers of Catan Game by Vectorform Game Studio, on a Microsoft Surface

Interactive:  Mirror Fun and Diamonds Alchemy Game, by Playbat

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