Sunday, October 13, 2013

LINKFEST: Interactive Multimedia Technology, May through October 2013

Here are links to my Interactive Multimedia Technology posts from May 5th to October 13, 2013:

Leap Motion Update:  Slow-going progress for me, at least for now!

Jay Leno's Interactive Pumpcast News: Will and Monifa Sims' 15 minutes of Karaoke Fame

Astronaut Chris Hadfield's Awesome Music Video from Space - in case you missed it!

Xbox One and Kinect 2 for the Playground of the Future

Summer of Fun and Game Development with Unity

Leap Motion and Google Earth Experiment:  Cute Doggie Photo-globe Mashup

Interactive Displays and "Billboards" in Public Spaces; Pervasive Displays 2013

Stanford's "Coding Together: Developing Apps for iPhone and iPad" Cours Video Presentations on iTunesU

Drawing with Sounds, and Interactive Musical Drawing App Created with Processing

Monkeying Around with Autism Assessments:  Kinect-based game by Vectorform and Kaiser Permanente therapists offers a barrel of possibilities!

The Life and Contributions of Seymour Papert: Inspiring video of a tribute panel, Interaction Design and Children Conference

Tablets at Work:  AT&T video clips, other examples, in case you were wondering

Kinect Interaction to support people with disabilities:  DoubleFine's Happy Action Theater/Kinect Party; OAK Air Switch and Face Switch, resources

Let's Get Visual:  Visual Communication with Smartphones, Getty's Open Content, Art Everywhere and Visual Perception Research

Allison Druin and the HCIL Team Win Emmy for Nick App:  Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media - User Experience and Visual Design

Eye Tribe Eye Tracker Dev Kit, $99; Open Source ITU Gaze Tracker Grows Up!

Narcolepsy Awareness Infographic, FDA's Public Meeting

Librarians as Data Scientists:  Data Science for All

ACO VIRTUAL:  Interactive virtual chamber orchestra, with 3D musicians

Learning to Teach through Mixed Reality:  UCF's TeachLivE

VISUAL LEARNING:  Emotion-Expression-Explanation Call for Papers

LUMO, by PO-Motion:  Projection system for children that transforms kid's designs into interactive creations (Kickstarter)

Multitouch and Gesture Update:  NUITEQ's Snowflake ABC Suite of Entertaining Educational Apps

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