Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Alternate Reality, Transmedia Storytelling...Cross-Media Film Forum Live Webcast on Power to the Pixel, from the London Film Festival

I'm watching the Cross-Media Film Forum live from the London Film Festival, on the Power to the Pixel website.  It is 10:39 Eastern time, and the next presentation is called "Extending the Experience: The New Storytellers"

Here is the description of the next presentation.

"What kind of experience does today’s film audience want and what can be done with existing technologies?
Interactive tools, emails, text and voicemail, mobile apps and geo-locational services can connect an audience to characters.  Live events and alternate reality games can bring the audience into the world of a film and extend the storytelling experience.  The more filmmakers can extend their vision into the world of the audience, the more rooted the audience becomes in the experience of the film."

"But how do you know how much to give them?  Mystery will bring people into your world, but for your cross-media audience, there is an implicit promise of a clear correlation between how much that audience gives – of their time, of their own interactions and emails and phone calls, their trips to places where they are promised live experiences – and how much they get back.  You must dazzle them with innovate storytelling techniques but you also need to reward them with meaningful emotional content and layers of reveal."

"Leading story architects of some of the world’s most successful extended story experiences – The Dark Knight, The Truth About Marika and Xi – demonstrate how to bring a fictional world into the lives of the audience."

Moderator: CHRISTY DENA, Director, Universe Creation 101
MARTIN ELRICSSON, Producer & Creative Director, The company P
STEVE PETERS, Experience Designer & Partner, No Mimes Media
DAVID VARELA, Producer, nDreams

The previous presenter said that the audience now spends about 30% of the time focused on the content, and 70% engaged in social interactions related to the content, often supported by technology. Concepts such as Pervasive Storytelling, Transmedia, and other topics are covered in this conference.

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