Friday, October 16, 2009

What's New? The Wearable MoveIT Senspod: 6 Axis Wireless 3D Motion Applications, from Sensaris


This looks like it will support the transmedia 2.0 applications of the future:

Sensaris Introduces 6 Axis MoveIT Sensor for Wireless 3D Motion Applications

Here is the PR information from Sensaris:
"It's your body that is alive and kicking, not your mobile phone.This pocket size Blutooth enabled Senspod tracks motion sesing information in real time...The sensor is one of the smallest commercially available wireless unit packed with high sampling rate 3 axis accelerometer, 3 axis gyroscope and GPS. The built-in Bluetooth EDR radio makes it the ideal mobile phone or PC companion."

"Its credit card size and light weight enable a wide spectrum of daily life uses as it leaves complete freedom of movement while simultaneously measuring speed, acceleration, rotation, twist, distance and position. Place the MoveIt Senspod on objects or on your body to optimize your own sports performance, explore augmented reality or challenge your friends in new urban games."

senspod 9 sm 2

"Data exploitation for online/offline analysis, coaching or even social network based challenges is done using web technologies. The provided API and platform independent SDK lets programmers develop innovative consumer applications in their favorite environment to quickly bring them to market. By just requiring a Bluetooth serial profile, the MoveIt is compatible with a very wide installed base of mobile devices."

Sensaris is located in Crolles, France, and was previously known as Cyberfab. It has a history of nearly 10 years in the sensor development business.  Sensaris sensors are used in mobile biomedical health applications.

MoveIT Brochure (pdf) "Movement the way it is supposed to be"
City Senspod Brochure (pdf)
Sensopod Base Brochure (pdf) "Connect your senses to the Web".
Leonardo (pdf) "Lets you plug analog of digital elements to the Senspod Motherboard"
SensNet User Manual (pdf)
Sensaris Unveils New Technology for Real Time Noise and Air Quality Monitoring over Mobile Internet

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