Thursday, November 24, 2011

Update: Links from Interactive Multimedia Technology!

Revisiting Good Blogs:  Innovative Interactivity (II) - A Digital Watering Hole for Multimedia Enthusiasts
Mind/Shift Blog Post:  Read, Hear or Create a Story: Apps for Traveling with Kids - and great related links!
Camera-less Tabletop Computing with Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface with PixelSense
Is the answer Voronoi?  Looking for possible solutions to an art+dance+music+tech idea from a recurring dream.
Art+Tech: The work of Aparna Rao and Soren Pors - a TedTalk worth watching!
Revisiting Good Blogs:  IDEUM update
Link to a great rant about interaction design.  It is all about the hands, screens and surfaces, not so much!?
Revisiting Good Blogs - Web of Things: "Architecting the Web of Things for Tinkerers and Hackers"
Visiting New (to me) Blogs:  Learning WebGL
Revisiting Good Blogs:  Space and Culture
Quick Link:  68 interesting ways to use an iPad in education
Building Interfaces for the New Decade
Google Chrome Web Store!
Le Chal:  Smart shoes for the Visually Impaired
Call for Papers:  Educational Interfaces, Software, and Technology, a workshop at CHI 2012
Interactive Large Displays in Urban Spaces:  Communicating Energy Usage through Duke Energy's "Smart Energy Now" Project
Quick Link: iPads and Autism - 60 Minutes Segment
What would it be like if pens were "banned" from classrooms every Wednesday?  Video clip by Mick Waters, not just for teachers and students!
Make and Share Your Games Online!  Update: Game Creator and the Cartoon Network Website
T(ether): Next-Gen Data Gloves + iPad:  Just what I needed for the colder weather!
Google Labs RIP
RENCI Update:  Combining Gaming and Visualization
Hacking Autism:  Touch Technology for Young People with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Stantum's Multi-Modal, Multi-Touch Technology: Looks Great for 21st Century Learners; Supports Creative, Collaboraitve Knowledge-Sharing

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Space and Culture Blog- worth a visit!

If you are interested in the theme of this blog, "The World is an Interactive Interface", you probably will appreciate the  Space and Culture   journal/weblog. Below are links to a few posts:
Wifi measuring rods thanks to Oslo School of Architecture (click on image for their article)
WiFi Measuring Rods, Oslo School of Architecture
Making WiFi Visible - Network City
Robert Shields, 10/6/11
Note: The above post provides a link to Making 'Immaterials: Light painting WiFi', a post written by Einar Sneve Martinussen the YOUrban blog. YOUrban is a research project at the Institute of Design within the Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

Sound, Space and the City
Catherine Scheelar, 10/10/11

Sound, Space, and the City:  Civic Performance in Downtown Los Angeles
"In Sound, Space, and the City, Marina Peterson explores the processes-from urban renewal to the performance of ethnicity and the experiences of audiences--through which civic space is created at music performances in downtown Los Angeles."

Mapping Flickr Photos and Twitter Tweets
Rob Shields, 7/20/11

Cognitive Cities Conference
Adam Greenfield's Presentation

Friday, November 4, 2011

CALL FOR PAPERS: Educational Interfaces, Software, and Technology, ACM CHI 2012

3rd Workshop on UI Technologies and Educational Pedagogy
May 5-6 2012
in conjunction with ACM-CHI 2012, Austin, Texas

This will be our third annual workshop in conjunction with CHI 2012.

One of the primary goals of teaching is to prepare learners for life in the real world. In this ever changing world of technologies such as mobile interaction, cloud computing, natural user interfaces, and gestural interfaces like the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Kinect, people have a greater selection of tools for the task at hand. Teachers and students can leverage these tools to improve learning outcomes. Educational interfaces and software are needed to ensure that new technologies serve a clear purpose in the classrooms and homes of the future.

Since teachers are always looking for creative ways to engage 21st century learners, there needs to be an academic venue for researchers to discuss novel educational tools and their role in improving learning outcomes. This workshop aims at filling this void: combining the pedagogical expertise of the cooperative learning, and learning sciences communities with the technical creativity of the CHI, UIST and interactive surface communities. The objective of this workshop is to become a conference within two years
We invite authors to present position papers about potential design challenges and perspectives on how the community should handle the next generation of HCI in education. 
Topics of interest include:
  • Gestural input, multitouch, large displays
  • Mobile Devices, response systems (clickers)
  • Tangible, VR, AR & MR, Multimodal interfaces
  • Console gaming, 3D input devices
  • Co-located interaction, presentations
  • Educational Pedagogy, learner-centric, Child Computer Interaction
  • Empirical methods, case studies
  • Multi-display interaction
  • Wearable educational media
Submission:  The deadline for workshop paper submissions is Dec 20, 2011. Interested researchers should submit a 4-page position paper in the ACM CHI adjunct proceedings style to the workshop management system. Acceptance notifications will be sent out February 20, 2012. The workshop will be held May 5-6, 2012 in Austin, Texas. Please note that at least one author of an accepted position paper must register for the workshop and for one or more days of the CHI 2012 conference.
Contact: Edward Tse, SMART Technologies,
Workshop Organizers:
Important Dates: