Sunday, April 3, 2011

Recent Interactive Multimedia Blog Post Links

Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces: Call for Papers and Notes (6th Annual ACM ITS 2011 November 13-16)
Call for Papers: Touch the Web 2011: 2nd International Workshop on Web-Enabled Objects
Links:  Web of Things, Web Patterns and the EPC Cloud, Windows 8 Rumors, Human Centered Service Design
Virtual History of Rome for the iPad, Created with Unity
Program - CHI 2011 Child Computer Interaction: 2nd Workshop on UI Technologies and Educational Pedagogy 

FYI: If you are new to this blog, my main blog is Interactive Multimedia Technology (IMT).  I update this blog with links to posts on the IMT blog every month or so.   I will resume this blog in this once I reduce my current workload.

If you are interested in technology, psychology, and education, take a look at my TechPsych blog.

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